Investor Relations

Our Investor Relations Services Include


KAP Scorecard

KAP evaluates the manager as both an investor and investment manager, identifying gaps that may need to be addressed for institutional investors, and outlines recommendations for highlighting strengths, mitigating weaknesses, and making the platform more marketable.

Investor Survey

KAP will conduct an investor survey to assess investors’ views of the manager with the goal of understanding investor perceptions and identifying key issues that the manager may need to address as both an investor and investment manager.

Non-Marketing Collateral

KAP will create a presentation for use during the non-marketing period that highlights the manager’s strengths as an investor and investment manager.  KAP will also create a one page overview to share with prospective investors.

Communication Templates

KAP will review and advise on the firm’s investor reporting suite (quarterly and annual reports) to ensure that the manager’s reporting discipline is in line with both industry norms and consistent with the manager’s ongoing dialogue with its investors.

Annual Investor Communication Plan

KAP will prepare an annual communication plan that outlines frequency and medium to connect with partners, relationships/referrals, and new prospects throughout the year.  This systematic approach ensures that the non-marketing period is productive and additive to the manager’s subsequent fundraise.

Annual Meeting

KAP shall advise in the development of the content for the annual meeting. KAP will oversee a dry run of the presentation and will provide each speaker with feedback on both style and substance. 

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