Our Fundraising Services Include


KAP Scorecard

KAP evaluates the manager as both an investor and investment manager, identifying gaps that may need to be addressed for institutional investors, and outlines recommendations for highlighting strengths, mitigating weaknesses, and making the platform more marketable.

Meeting Preparation

KAP will rehearse the pitch with the team to ensure that the message is delivered concisely and can be adjusted to meet varying investor time slots.  KAP will also address frequently asked investor questions.

Capital Raising Strategy

KAP will develop a detailed marketing plan for the fundraise that outlines a timeline for communication with existing investors, relationships, and prospects with whom the manager has not yet met.  This systematic approach aims to make the dynamic nature of the capital raise as efficient as possible.

Investor Due Diligence

KAP will prepare a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to be sent to prospective investors following in-person meetings to help initiate their due diligence processes.  KAP will also address investor queries including consultant questionnaires, requests for proposals, and specific investor requests as they arise.

Marketing Collateral

KAP will create a Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”), management presentation, and one page overview that highlights the manager’s strengths as an investor and investment manager. KAP will also analyze the manager’s investment track record to ensure it is properly presented for the fundraise and in line with institutional marketing norms.

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