KAP was founded in 2009 to provide a strategic approach to the private equity fundraising and investor relations lifecycle. Our process combines strategic advice and implementation of a proven approach. KAP’s Principals have over 20 years of combined experience in the private equity capital raising industry. Since inception, KAP has advised over 35 clients through varying stages of the fundraising and investor relations process.

It’s time for a different approach to fundraising


More time to focus on investing

Better, long term relationships with partners

Shorter fundraising cycles

KAP’s Fundraising Flywheel Philosophy

We see managers approach fundraising in fits and starts – fundraise, fatigue, repeat.

Understandably, this conventional approach to the fundraising process is tiresome and highly inefficient.
Approaching fundraises as standalone endeavors only exacerbates the problem.   Relationships languish, potential leads who are open to subsequent raises lay fallow, and with each new raise managers find they start from square one.

The Fundraising Flywheel is a systematic approach to engaging with investors on an on-going basis. It creates a continuous flow between investor relations and fundraising to shorten fundraising cycles and build longer lasting partnerships with investors.

  1. Set an Investor Communication Plan Each Year
  2. Market When Not Marketing
  3. Create a Capital Raising Strategy
  4. Prepare Impactful Marketing Materials
  5. Make Each Meeting Count

KAP offers services tied to the Fundraising Flywheel philosophy.