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KAP provides a strategic approach to the private equity fundraising and investor relations lifecycle to shorten marketing cycles and to build long lasting partnerships with investors.

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It’s time for a different approach to fundraising


More time to focus on investing


Better, long term relationships with partners


Shorter fundraising cycles


Continuous dialogue with investors and prospects


Annual roadmap for investor communications


“Before KAP, organizational productivity slowed tremendously the month before our annual meeting. This year, KAP not only saved us countless hours in preparation time, they also restructured the meeting, enabling our messaging on organization, strategy, and capital raising plans to really resonate with our investors.”

-President and CFO, Middle Market Real Estate Fund

“We hired KAP to provide fresh insight into our market position with institutional investors and objective feedback on our fundraising collateral.  KAP delivered market context, strategic guidance and a distinctive, proprietary framework that allowed us to differentiate our organization and distill our investment strategy more effectively.”

-Managing Director, Investor Relations, Middle Market Private Equity Fund

KAP’s Fundraising Flywheel™ Philosophy


Break the cycle of fundraise, fatigue, and repeat with a systematic approach that seamlessly bridges investor relations and fundraising.

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KAP provides investor relations and fundraising services to private equity managers at all stages of the firm’s lifecycle.


KAP designed a series of toolkits to aid managers throughout the investor relations and fundraising process.

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